Targeted groups for the Your Kid’s Urgent Care franchise model include the following potential franchise candidates:

1. Physicians with an existing medical license.

Medical professionals who may be in business currently and could use the support, systems, and procedures Your Kid’s Urgent Care provide to move forward in a more profitable and efficient manner.

This is the primary focus for strong candidates for Your Kid’s Urgent Care franchise candidates.

2. Newly Graduating Physicians:

Medical professionals who do not have a practice in place and are looking into getting their own business established – these candidates need the support, game plan and confidence to step out on their own.

3 Individual Physician/Pediatricians, Corporations, or Businesses involved in the healthcare Industry:

It is possible that there will be businesses that would like to invest in this industry segment. Your Kid’s Urgent Care management will need to make a case-by-case decision as to whether the corporation or business’ involvement in the franchise system could have an adverse effect on the rest of the franchise system.

4. Physicians who are currently employed by hospitals and group practices:

Medical professionals want to start their own practice but need the support, game plan and confidence to step out on their own.

5. Entrepreneurs/Investors:

Probably the lowest number of opportunities for Your Kid’s Urgent Care exist in this category, but there may be opportunities where private investors or business people would want to invest in the concept and then hire physicians’/nurse practitioners to operate the location and satisfy the licensing requirements to operate the business in a particular state.